EVS vacancy in Latvia – deadline 22 February

Location: Latvia, Riga

Duration: 26/02 /2018 – 11/08/2018

Countries: preferably Czech or Austrian, but anyone can aply

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

We may think we’re pretty smart, but in fact we have very little notion of how
humans learn. Kids know: They play games. Until, that is, they go to school. That’s when the games stop. And often, so does the learning.
This is where experiential education comes in.

Piedzīvojuma Gars (PG) is a Latvian outdoor education organization working on creating adventures and developing the people involved in them.
PG is a workshop of ideas, coming up with solutions, we test and experiment ways to make learning fun and engaging.

Contains a lot of researching and exploring of what’s online and outside. Preparing materials, exploring possible venues, managing marketing and analysing data.
Organizing events, doing last minute fixing and interacting with the participants. A lot of wet feet and cold. We are very straightforward about this – you are coming to Latvia. Eating a lot of potatoes.


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Your working team will be of 3 people – you, your fellow volunteer and our Game Master. In times of bigger and more complicated events, you will also have to learnto work in bigger teams and manage them.
The workspace will be in the office of PG right in the center of Riga.
PG also owns a training site in the countryside and implements programs there, so be prepared to spend quite a lot of time there.

Apply: Accept the challenge and fill in the form here:

What is this mysterious PG? Facebook: Piedzīvojuma Gars
What it’s like to volunteer for us?
contact patryksekulski@gmail.com, our present volunteer.
Burning questions you can’t find answers to? write to rota@piedzivojumagars.lv, project coordinator.