The Hives Project – permaculture in Greece

EVS Vacancy in Greece

Duration 7 months

Start date: ASAP

Deadline: 30 November 2018

Are you interested in a long term EVS at Chalkidiki, Greece, with Permacultural, Intercultural and Environmental Orientations?
Would you like to experience a rural organization and interact with young people in the Greek countryside?

Then apply here as soon as possible
Our EVS begins in 1st of November and its duration is 7 months!
The starting day might be from 1st of November until 1st of January!
Hives Project is a project that promotes an environmentally sustainable way of living into a small scale community with interaction with the local environment and culture. Through non typical learning we will make an introduction in renewable energy resources and services , in the zero waste production and how to use compost, to recognize the role of biodiversity, to reply to change
and use it creatively, while we develop our flexibility and creativity. The White Rabbit Hostel will be your home, this will give you the opportunity to meet people from all around the world, coming as guests or volunteers. It’s located in Psakoudia, at 10 minutes walking distance from the sea and 70 km from Thessaloniki, which is a very lively city (the second biggest one in Greece).
The activities that we want to undertake for this semester are the following: the first activity is called Permaculture Planning and Farming, and it’s objective is that the participants will grow skills in permaculture designing in the field and it has to do with agricultural techniques and projects. Sustainability in Eco House Project is our second activity that will be a House project design with renewable energy and recycling waste treatment. Sustainability is also caring for the wellness of local people, so we will establish an information office in the nearby town, where we can help local young people to discover different opportunities with the european mobility tools.

By the prementioned activities we mean to make in collaboration with our participants an  introduction in an environmentally sustainable way of living and set a creative dialogue between the participants for zero environmental impact, to explore alternative ways of living based on respect of nature and community. Sports could be in addition for developing the careness of our
natural body as well as music for our soul.
We use non formal education methods, which means learning through observation and  experience.
We will host and attend various workshops, from eco building to natural cosmetics. There’s the possibility to take care and ride horses.
The benefits of the participation in the project may be multiple. We will mention some , such as active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, inclusion of all young people, solidarity, social skills, active participation in society, adoptability, flexibility, intercultural awareness, skills in decision making, taking initiatives, problem solving skills, responsibility, and soft skills such as
internationality and future employability.
It’s a big occasion to experiment ideas and abilities, everyone is welcome!

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