2 EVS vacancies in Slovenia

Looking for 2 (1 Croatian and 1 Italian) motivated, independent, responsible, flexible, self-initiating and active volunteers with experience or interest in sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.
Location: Sevnica, Slovenia
Duration: 8 months, starting from January 2019.
Further information: http://new.knof.si/2018/11/03/volunteer-in-youth-entrepreneur-project/
Application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wO2dTOb5zjYBUoyqXJX7WKKMfH0Fef4BkmTJ3K5Ohac/edit

Looking for motivated, independent, responsible, flexible, self-initiating and active volunteers with experience, knowledge in at least one of the following fields:

sustainable development, social economy, promotion of conscious consuming and green living, arts and crafts, event management, project development, community engagement, entrepreneurship, web design, multimedia.

We are situated in the small town of Sevnica, surrounded by beautiful nature, so the project is more suitable for nature lovers who don’t get easily bored and have a motivation to co-create the community of social economy of Posavje region and Slovenia. If you enjoy researching, writing articles, expressing your talents to help other people in the community, this is a +.

If you are creative and crafty, know multimedia, this is another +.

If you are open and prepared to try different things and work for a greater good, this is a ++. 🙂


–    Association Social Economy Slovenia: the volunteer will help in analyzing the field of social economy in Slovenia and abroad, will also have independent assignments to analyze, talk, visit social companies and actively participating in social economy-related events in Slovenia and abroad.

–    Social business incubator: help in shaping English translated website of organization KNOF, organizing community events like business related workshops, lectures – individually and in cooperation. Working on an individual social business idea – that the volunteer can test or realize in the hosting organization or at home in his country.

–    Stara Šola (Krško or Sevnica): helping in the boutique (organizing, helping with decorations), helping with promotion of the stores: working on campaigns to social media or to other surfaces, figure out activities that can help in promoting conscious consuming.

–    KNOF KNKT: planning and realizing small cultural events (intercultural night, movie night, game night etc.) for up to 10 people.

–            MSOS (Youth Council): helping the council with their activities and events, creating cooperations.

–    Disseminating activities: writing idea journal and self-evaluation, creating video/podcast/photo journal.

–    Activities for promoting the ESC project and program – motivating young people, youth organizations in Sevnica to go abroad and be a ESC volunteer.


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