About EVS

EVS = stands for European Volunteering Service

So EVS is a Volunteering activity – working with an organization on specific activities to help the local community. What it’s so special about it is that you can do this volunteering in another country in Europe (where most opportunities are) or in any other country of the world (not so many opportunities).

What kind of EVS activities are there?  – As a volunteer you can work in a wide range of fields, such as culture, youth, sports, children, cultural heritage, arts, animal welfare, environment and development cooperation. And most projects offer a mix of specific activities in several of these fields.

How long is this EVS? – It can be any period between 2 weeks and 12 months.

Do I have to pay for EVS? – No! You don’t pay for it. You will receive free accommodation, food, insurance and pocket money (not that much). The only thing you might have to pay is a small part of your travel costs. And keep in mind that this budget does not cover costs for clothes, electronics, sightseeing, traveling, vacations, etc.


How does it work? – Volunteers participate in EVS through a Sending Organisation in the country where they live and a Receiving Organisation that receives and hosts them during their period of service, getting the living logistics in place and setting the activities that you will be involved in.

Do I learn stuff during EVS? – Well, EVS provides great context and opportunities for learning, and actually you will be learning a lot even if you will not notice it in the moment. But like anything else in life, if you will pay attention and make an effort you will get tens of times more than if you don’t. A lot of it it’s up to you.

Do I get a certificate for participating? – Yes. At the end of your EVS period, you will receive a certificate confirming your participation and describing your project – the Youthpass.

How can you apply?

If you are between 17 and 30 you have two options:

1. Apply to EVS vacancies / calls for EVS volunteers (check out or Active EVS calls page and subscribe to our newsletter to get vacancies updates and to download the Resources Guide containing the most important sites and Facebook Groups where you can find EVS vacancies)

2. Contact an organisation to discuss starting a project

To contact an organisation, consult the database of accredited organisations.

You can check the list of eligible countries in the Programme Guide (all EU countries, neighboring countries and the rest of the world). So the entire world is eligible. But if you are from any other country than Europe and close neighbors you need to be part of an organization (not-for-profit/NGO) that is willing to engage in a partnership for several years, with several activities besides your EVS.





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