5 EVS vacancies in Bulgaria for Portuguese volunteers

Bulgaria EVSSpirit of the Carnival

Location: Rousse, Bulgaria

Period: 01/06/2017 – 30/06/2017

Deadline: 1 May 2017

Especially for Portuguese!!! We are looking for 5 Portuguese!!!

“Spirit of the Carnival” is the third edition of the short-term EVS project that involves 25 young people from 5 countries – Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Germany. Adventure for young people immersed in the world of art who will be involved in the preparation and implementation of the most massive cultural event in Rousse, namely Ruse Carnival, which is traditionally held in June each year. Continue reading “5 EVS vacancies in Bulgaria for Portuguese volunteers”

Short-term EVS in Croatia

Syncro EVS Reloadingamazing-evs-find-evs-vacancy-6

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Period:02/05/2017 – 31/05/2017

Deadline: 20 January 2017

Syncro EVS Reloading 2.0 will be from 2nd May till 31st May 2017 gathering 10 volunteers from Italy, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and it will be focused on urban intervention in the city of Zagreb, cooperating ad involving local youth.
The project aims to reach the following objectives:
– creating inclusion, tolerance and intercultural understanding,
– promotion, recognition and development of non-formal education and ERASMUS+ opportunities,
– promotion of volunteering as a valuable experience,
– requalification of public spaces in the neighbourhood
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Short term EVS in Bulgaria – film festival

Newsroom IN THE PALACEAmazing EVS Find EVS Vacancy 1

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Period: 05/11/2016 – 14/12/2016

Deadline: 25 October 2016

N THE PALACE is an international festival dedicated to short films, new media and digital arts under 27 minutes in length which will happen in Sofija, Bulgaria in November.

We are looking for 75 young professionals (up to the age of 30) from 15 European Countries (Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK ) to join us in the International Newsroom for the 14th IN THE PALACE International Short Film Festival.

You will come to Sofia, Bulgaria, to spread what’s happening in one of the largest and most prestigious film festivals in the Balkans. Please note that the working language is English so a good level is desired.

The festival provides accommodation and assistance for food and travel costs. Continue reading “Short term EVS in Bulgaria – film festival”

Urgent! Short-term EVS vacancy in Croatia for volunteers from Italy and Poland

Dry stone wall extravaganza 2EVS Vacancy Find EVS 3

Location: Island of Murter, Croatia

Period: 15/09/2016 – 15/10/2016

Deadline: 23 August 2016

We are looking for young people from Italy and Poland who want to experience not only office work during their EVS, but also some outdoor activities. In this particular project we offer to you an opportunity to learn more about building the dry stone walls and how and why they are perfect match for promotion of archeological site! Continue reading “Urgent! Short-term EVS vacancy in Croatia for volunteers from Italy and Poland”

Short-term EVS in Latvia for Portuguese Volunteer

OPEN MIND – OPEN HORIZONSEVS project European Voluntary Service Latvia Find EVS

Location: Priekuli municipality, Vidzeme region, Latvia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 01/10/2016

Deadline: 27 May 2016

Short term EVS for Portuguese volunteers in Latvia during summer !

The Youth center “Orange”
Youth center “Orange” is a feast every day, because happiness and joy is the way which we learn to walk together! Youth center “Orange” is the place for being together, exploring the world, it is a place for friendship, place for the creating new ideas, place, where to learn to be creative, place, where to grow up and develop, place for seeing, hearing, accepting and it is a place to loving life.
It is a good place to be good!

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Short-term EVS in Bulgaria for Romanian and Greek volunteers

Scent of Art EVS Vacacny Find EVS 1

Location: Ruse, Bulgaria

Period: 01/06/2016 – 30/06/2016

Deadline: 18 May 2016

Association “Inspiration” is looking for Romanian and Greek volunteers for approved project. “Scent of art” consists of a short-term EVS mobility (30 days) in which will take part 25 young people from 5 European countries. They will participate, along with local volunteers, in different cultural events in the framework of the Ruse Carnival which will be held in June, 2016 in Ruse, Bulgaria. The youngsters will have the opportunity to support and to be directly involved in artistic workshops, activities with local people connected with the Carnival and its events and initiatives.

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Approved project! 50 EVS vacancies in Hungary – 1 month! Applicants from selected countries!

Project name: Avatars of Nógrád short term EVSGoing EVS

Location: Hollókő, Hungary

Application deadline: 31/03/2015

Start date: 25/06/2015

End date: 15/07/2015

Tasks of the volunteer:

Avatars of Nógrád is the 5th edition of our short term EVS project which gathers 50 volunteers from 3 different continents in order to create a life-time experience for less opportunity children and youngsters in Nógrád county.

– Plan, prepare and deliver English speaking creative workshops in 5 villages for local children and youth who are living in deep poverty: playing games, introducing your culture, dancing, making photos and videos, doing handcrafts.
– Voluntary actions to maintain Creative Space and tackle local needs.
– Two days of holiday to have fun by many different ways; party, open air camping, doing sports, hiking, biking, creating your own cinema or theatre, making your own plan.
– Official closing event where hi-profile representatives are coming to see your results.

We expect volunteers from Belgium, France, Greece, Hungary, India, Latvia, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Vietnam.

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Short term EVS vacancy in Spain – 1 month

Name of the project: Happy Birthday Charming CrowSPAIN

Location: La Aldea del Portillo de Busto, Spain

Period: 30/08/2014 – 20/09/2014

Duration: 1 month

Application deadline: 15 June 2014

Description of tasks of the volunteer:

Volunteers will help in the organization of the scarecrows festival, help children creating scarecrows, dressing up as scarecrow, etc. They will participate in the design and realization of the performance and help artists with the realization of their scarecrows. Important part of the tasks of the volunteers is maintenance of the house, cooking, cleaning, gardening, etc. They will also cut herbs, work in fencerestauration, re-painting and restauration of artworks in the open air, etc.

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Urgent! Short term EVS vacancy in Sweden – 1 month

Name of the project: You in EU Sweden

Location: Kungsbacka – Sweden

Period: 01/06/2014 – 30/06/2014

Duration: 1 month

ONLY for Portuguese

Application deadline: 13 April 2014

Description of tasks of the volunteers: 

-To take part in planning the days in the camp and to take part in the activities,
– Activities and Games through Non-formal methods for inclusion and friendship,
– Collaborative exercises
– Berry picking and mushrooms
– Geocaching

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