Short-term EVS in Bulgaria for volunteers from Spain, Georgia, Armenia and Romania

Bulgaria Find EVS vacancy 2EVS Academy

Location: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Period: 01/09/2017 – 30/10/2017

Deadline: 25 July 2017

Alternativi International is looking for short term volunteers /September – November/ from Spain, Georgia, Armenia and Romania to help in providing local youth access to quality youth information and counseling on career development, mobility programs, volunteering, personal development.
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Short-term EVS vacancy in Hungary for a Romanian volunteer

EVS vacancy Find EVS 5Rural development in Szob

Location: Szob, Hungary

Period: 17/07/2017 – 08/09/2017

Deadline: 16 July 2017

The association Börzsöny-Duna Ipoly located in Szob, Hungary is looking for a Romanian volunteer for the summer to join their French volunteer already helping them. The association is part of the LEADER program and their goal is to promote the local agriculture by presenting the farmers’ products on the internet and by organizing community markets. Continue reading “Short-term EVS vacancy in Hungary for a Romanian volunteer”

Short-term EVS in Latvia

EVS project European Voluntary Service Latvia Find EVSOne team-One spirit

Location: Liepaja, Latvija

Period: 26/07/2017 – 22/09/2017

Deadline: 10 July 2017

Living for 2 months in another country. Working in a child and youth organisation together with local volunteers. Discovering the host country together with other EVS volunteers or local volunteers. Gaining intercultural experience and learning the language of your host country. Implementing your own ideas and organize activities for kids and youngsters. Teaching your own language. Prepare and organize practical outdoor and indoor activities for kids and youngsters. Continue reading “Short-term EVS in Latvia”

EVS vacancy in Latvia for Slovenian volunteer

EVS vacancy Find EVS 5EVS in Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi

Location: Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi, Liepaja-Latvia

Period: 31/05/2017 – 28/07/2017

Deadline: 10 May 2017

The child and youth union “Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi” (Liepajas Young Falcons) was founded in 1993. Members are between 5 and 30 years old and are mostly young people with fewer opportunities – most of them come from low income families. Our aim is the promotion and protection of rights and interests of children and the encouragement of active and creative youth development. Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi supports young people in taking initiative and realising their ideas. Together with the different age groups we organise international meetings, sport days, camps, educational activities etc.
We want that young people become empowered to become active in the society, to spend their leisure time as funny and productive as possible, to have an international spirit and to be aware that children have the right to take decisions.
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Short term EVS in Poland for volunteers from Italy, Slovakia, UK, Bulgaria

Poland call EVS project active vacancy Find Evs2Leading summer workshops for disadvantage kids & youth/Volunteers from: Italy,Slovakia UK, Bulgaria

Location: Leszno, Poland

Period: 04/07/2017 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 10 May 2017

EVS project ”Interactive Train to Coolture” in Poland assumes an animation of free time children and young people from Leszno and promotion of foreign cultures and ideas for volunteering,. As during two months we will have summer holidays, and International Youth Day – volunteers will be involved in organising activities for kids/youth during summer time. EVS volunteers themselves will be able to share their passions and learn new social skills. In the same time they will manage the event of International Youth Day – to proof that young people are active!
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