EVS vacancy in Greece

Opportunity for Long term EVS in KALAMATA, GREECE Location: Kalamata, Greece Period: 17/09/2017 - 17/06/2018 Deadline: 17 September 2017 Volunteers interested in this project should be aware that several times will be working out of the office, designing and painting figures in public buildings or making other artistic activities. PROFILE of the volunteer: The profile of the volunteer [...]


EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for volunteers from Austria, Italy, Spain and Latvia

Media 4Youth Location: Razlog, Bulgaria Period: 01/09/2017 - 01/06/2018 Deadline: 1 September 2017 The current project will host 4 volunteers from 4 Programme countries (Austria, Italy, Spain and Latvia) who will do their voluntary activities in Razlog, Bulgaria for period of 9 months. Partners have acknowledged the necessity of the planned activities as every partner will send one [...]

EVS vacancy in Belgium

EVS in De Hoge Rielen location: Kasterlee, BELGIUM Period: 01/03/2018 - 30/11/2018 Deadline: 25 August 2017 de Hoge Rielen is a domain for youth groups that offer them accommodation, outdoor and educational activities. 9-month project, starting in March 2018!   Role of the volunteer: - increasing the interculturality in the organization - being himself/herself but in to other [...]

EVS vacancy in France

Call for EVS Volunteer Location: La Rochelle, France Period: 08/01/2018 - 08/10/2018 Deadline: 4 September 2017 Avenir en Héritage, non profit association is looking for an EVS Volunteer. The project consist of: created and animate the network of former volunteer, write and publish some article in the website, in social media, make interviews of student and volunteer who [...]

EVS vacancy in Italy for volunteers from Portugal

EVS at the Nursing Home "Pietro Zangheri" Location: Forlì, Italy Period: 01/09/2017- 01/05/2018 Deadline: 31 July 2017 URGENT CALL FOR EVS VOLUNTEERS from PORTUGAL. UNISER Soc. Coop. is looking for EVS volunteers for a project that aims to have a positive impact on the lives of the eldery. The hosting organization, Casa di Riposo Pietro Zangheri, hosts European [...]


Young Links: EVS Connecting Europe Location: Portimão, Portugal Period: 01/10/2017 - 30/06/2018 Deadline 24 July 207 URGENT CALL FOR EVS VOLUNTEERS from POLAND, MACEDONIA, SPAIN and TURKEY – DEADLINE 16 July: DYPALL Network and Portimão Municipality (Portugal) are looking for EVS volunteers for a project that aims to have a positive impact on local youth. LIVING EXPENSES COVERED [...]

EVS vacancy in Poland

EVS for Caucasus Location: Bialystok, Poland Period: 16/08/2017 - 15/05/2018 Deadline: 25 July 2017 Fundacja Dialog is looking for one EU volunteer to help migrants in Bialystok, Poland through working with their children in the kindergarten. Working with children in refugee centre kindergarten Participating in various workshops Designing activities and games for children and teenagers Visiting local schools, [...]