Two EVS Vacancy in Croatia – Event management and Digital marketing

Your EVSEVS Potential 2.0

Location: Zagreb, Croatia

Period: 01/10/2016 – 31/08/2017

Deadline: 27 March 2016

‘Life Potential’ is a non-profit organization which aims at developing potential of both – individuals and community as a whole. We believe that positive transformations come from within every individual, and when individuals connect, they can bring profound and lasting changes to community. Our organization is active in two fields – personal development and online promotion of other non-profit organizations.

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Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Spain – 9 months

Name of the project: Dejovenes to EuropeSPAIN

Location: Leganés (Spain)

Period: 01/10/2014 – 30/06/2015

Duration: 9 months

Application deadline: 30 April 2014 

Proposed activities for EVS volunteers:

The volunteers will be a support in the activities organized by the Delegation of Youth, and the advice of international mobility.
The volunteer will have a monthly calendar with activities, so they can manage their free time and support
Support activities of the Delegation of Youth, which may be implemented in the morning or afternoon, depending on the needs, are:
• Collaboration with the preparation and organization of activities (information sessions EVS, EVS advice to other young people, activity programming and workshops on the Youth in Action Programme to bring Europe closer to young people etc).
• Support the search for information for the development of digital newsletter ‘Dejóvenes the World’.

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URGENT! Short term EVS vacancy in Greece – 1 and a half months

Name of the project: You in EUGreece

Location: Kalamata – Greece

Period: 15/06/2014 – 30/07/2014

Duration: 1,5 months

ONLY for Portuguese

Application deadline: 13 April 2014

Description of the tasks of the volunteers:

– Promoting the 8th Kalamata Street Festival and the Miden (Video-Art) Festival
– Preparing the materials
– Organising their own “parallel activities” and workshops
– Documenting everything (taking pictures, videos, etc)
– Participation in cultural and social activities of the organization

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Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Germany 12 months – Urgent

Place:  Berlin, Germany

Amaro Drom 1

Application deadline: 31 March 2014

Start of the service: between  15/03/2014 and 15/04/2014

Duration: 12 months


Amaro Drom e.V. currently opened a call for applications for young people to participate in a European Voluntary Service (EU Youth in Action program) project in Berlin. The 12 months lasting project offers diverse learning and service opportunities including national and international seminars. The volunteers engage weekly around 30-35 hours in Amaro Drom in the following working fields: youth group with local, national and international youth projects, children’s program, contact point for Roma from EU and non EU countries, organization of events like the Herdelezi street festival, creating flyers and other materials for our homepage. The program encourages volunteers to express and to realize their own ideas and initiatives during the service! Continue reading “Vacancy for EVS volunteer in Germany 12 months – Urgent”

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany 12 months

  • Coordinating organisation: Auslandsgesellschaft SachsenAnhalt eV
  • Host organisation: “Rolle 23” – Internationaler Bund:
  • Location: Magdeburg, Germany
  • Deadline: 31/03/2014
  • Start: 01/10/2014
  • End: 30/09/2015
  • The Internationale Bund (“International Alliance”) consists of a registered society and many associations, and runs more than 700 facilities and branches in 300 locations. Every year it helps around 350,000 children, young people and adults to organise their professional and private lives.
  • The Alliance works mainly with disadvantaged children and young people, particularly migrants and those from socially weak families.
  • The volunteer will be active in several areas, such as the media project and the “Open Door Area.” The media project offers children and young people the chance to learn how to deal responsibly with computers and the internet. The volunteer will be involved in organising and carrying out computer, video and photography courses for participants with different levels of ability. In addition, he / she will work with and for young people while designing the website.

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Greece, 12 months

  • Contact person: Psoras Dimitrios
  • Coordinating organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports NGO
  • Location: Vrontados, Greece
  • Deadline: 20/09/2013
  • Start: 01/2014
  • End: 01/2015

The “Cooperative Learning” project 2011-GR-33 cultivates and advances new technologies and work on their joining with the Education, Culture and Sports. It also helps young people with fewer opportunities, to understand Internet’s capabilities on educational, cultural, sport and youth issues. The volunteer helps on a non profit procedure, young people, to understand how to use computers and educational programs effectively and in a positive way. It has to do with social, cultural and educational matters.

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