Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Liechtenstein

Coordinating organisation: Haus Gutenberg Host: Haus Gutenberg: Location: Balzers, Liechtenstein Deadline: 24/01/2016 Start: 01/05/2016 End: 31/12/2016 Haus Gutenberg is an education and seminar house in Balzers, Liechtenstein, which aims at integral human education. Our education program offers projects on the topics „development of personality“, „spirituality“ and „healthy living“. Above all we want to break [...]


EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for English AND Russian speaker

SCHOOL BOARD PGTO Docho Mihailov Host: School Board PGTO Docho Mihailov Location: Tervel, Bulgaria Deadline: 24/01/2016 Start: 01/09/2016 End: 30/08/2017 Urgent! For volunteer Russian and English speaking "First stepse" is project focused on many aspects of non-formal learning of English and Russian in kindergarten "Clover". The purpose of the volunteer is to create new opportunities [...]

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Lithuania

Coordinating organisation: NGO Actio Catholica Patria Host: Kaunas Ark community: Location: Kaunas, Lithuania Deadline: 19/01/2016 Start: 01/09/2016 End: 01/06/2017   About the project  Association Kaunas l'Arche community is a community which mission is to reveal the gifts of people with or without disabilities through close and communal relationships. It is a small faith-based community [...]

Only for Polish! EVS vacancy in approved project in Turkey – 2 months

Location: Gaziantep, Turkey Deadline: 10/06/2014 Start: 01/07/2014 End: 01/09/2014 The project will take place in Gaziantep, Turkey. Gaziantep is a province of industry and agriculture. There live many immigrants but because of this high immigration rate, some families cannot reach the social standard of the city for a long time. Therefore, there are some problems [...]

EVS vacancy in France – 9 months

Théâtre Liberté Location: Toulon, France Deadline: 16/06/2014 Start: 01/10/2014 End: 01/07/2015 L’accueil d’un volontaire européen au Théâtre Liberté repose essentiellement sur les dimensions d’apprentissage et d’échange interculturel entre le jeune européen et le Théâtre Liberté. Il participera de façon active à l’activité, à temps plein, sans se substituer aux salariés du Théâtre. Il découvrira le [...]

Only for Germans! EVS vacancy in France – 12 months

Location: Belfort, France Deadline: 20/06/2014 Start: 01/09/2014 End: 31/08/2015 Für den Zeitraum vom 01. September 2014 bis 31. August 2015 bietet die Bildungsstätte der Sportjugend Sachsen-Anhalt "Schierker Baude" einen Platz im Rahmen eines Europäischen-Freiwilligendienstes in Belfort (Frankreich) an. Tasks Der Einsatz erfolgt im Bereich der außerschulischen Kinder- und Jugendbildung der Stadt Belfort. Du wirst zum [...]

EVS vacancy in Greece – 12 months

Volunteer in Chios Island working on Technology Education Sports Organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports Location: Vrontados, Greece Deadline: 29/08/2014 Start: 05/01/2015 End: 05/01/2016 Description of the EVS hosting organization The “Working on Technology Education Sports" project cultivates and advances new technologies and work on their joining with the Education, Culture and Sports. The volunteer helps [...]