Short-term EVS in Croatia

Syncro EVS Reloading Location: Zagreb, Croatia Period:02/05/2017 - 31/05/2017 Deadline: 20 January 2017 Syncro EVS Reloading 2.0 will be from 2nd May till 31st May 2017 gathering 10 volunteers from Italy, Macedonia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and it will be focused on urban intervention in the city of Zagreb, cooperating ad involving local youth. The project aims to … Continue reading Short-term EVS in Croatia


EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for volunteers from Hungary and Slovenia

Building a community volunteer program Location: Shipka, Bulgaria Period: 15/09/2016 - 05/12/2016 Deadline: 11 August 2016 This program is an unique opportunity for getting hands on experience in the areas of community building, permaculture and gardening, social and cultural activities It is also an a opportunity to meet like-minded people and be the change in the world. Shipka … Continue reading EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for volunteers from Hungary and Slovenia

Short-term EVS in Latvia for Portuguese Volunteer

OPEN MIND - OPEN HORIZONS Location: Priekuli municipality, Vidzeme region, Latvia Period: 01/09/2016 - 01/10/2016 Deadline: 27 May 2016 Short term EVS for Portuguese volunteers in Latvia during summer ! The Youth center “Orange” Youth center "Orange" is a feast every day, because happiness and joy is the way which we learn to walk together! Youth center "Orange" … Continue reading Short-term EVS in Latvia for Portuguese Volunteer

Short-term EVS in Bulgaria for Romanian and Greek volunteers

Scent of Art  Location: Ruse, Bulgaria Period: 01/06/2016 - 30/06/2016 Deadline: 18 May 2016 Association "Inspiration" is looking for Romanian and Greek volunteers for approved project. "Scent of art" consists of a short-term EVS mobility (30 days) in which will take part 25 young people from 5 European countries. They will participate, along with local volunteers, in different … Continue reading Short-term EVS in Bulgaria for Romanian and Greek volunteers

Approved Short Term EVS in Bulgaria for Croatian Volunteer

EVS for all 2 Location: Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Period: 10/05/2016 - 09/07/2016 Deadline: 29 April 2016 Association Alternativi International is youth non-governmental, non-profit making organization working in the territory of Blagoevgrad region. The main objective is to encourage personal and professional development of young people through non formal education and also the building up and development of active citizenship … Continue reading Approved Short Term EVS in Bulgaria for Croatian Volunteer

Urgent! Short term EVS in Bulgaria

LOVEHATE III Youth for Online Tolerance SHORTTERM EVS IN BULGARIA Location: Sofia, Bulgaria Period: 15/04/2016 - 15/06/2016 Deadline: 7 April 2016 Infinite Opportunities Association (IOA) is part of the international campaign of the Council of Europe "Young People Combating hate speech on-line" aka No Hate Speech Movement which began in 2013 with a series of national and international … Continue reading Urgent! Short term EVS in Bulgaria

EVS vacancy for German or Slovenian volunteer in Turkey

Give me your hand Location: Sinop, Turkey Period: 20/05/2016 - 17/07/2016 Deadline: 1 April 2016 The volunteer will work in the rehabilitation center where there are physically and mentally disabled people up to 18 years old. In the first two weeks of the activity the volunteers will just observe the staff and the teachers in the center. After two weeks, they will choose the disabled people to work with the help of the staff in the center. The volunteer will organise fun time activities with the disabled people such as art, music, drama, dance, handicrafts, games, etc. At the end of the activity, we expect the disabled person to have at least one new skill. We also expect the volunteer to document the new skill she/he provided for the disabled person with film, photos, power point, etc. The working hours: 08:30 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:30 weekdays. Between 12:00 and 13:00 is lunch break. Saturdays and Sundays are off. The volunteer will have the basic information of SEN methodology to provide a new skill for the disabled people. The volunteer will also have some competences on intercultural competences in the mentor meetings. Even though the Erasmus+ program doesn’t cover the language support in the short term EVS projects, we think it is really important for our volunteers to communicate with our disabled people in Turkish. So there will be one hour a week Turkish courses to be used with the disabled people in the center free of charge. These will be the basic commands which are needed in the activities. The volunteer will organise a cultural night to present her/his culture with food, drinks, music, dance, film, etc. to the people we will invite including the press. We also ask the volunteer to bring an object which represents her/his culture to be exhibited in Sinopale – the International Sinop Biennial. The coordinating organisation may ask the volunteer to participate in their fund raising, raising awareness activities and tea parties, etc. once or twice during their activity period. At the end of the activity, the volunteer will get a Youthpass certificate. Practicalities: The volunteer will live in a furnished flat with the other volunteers who will start coming in the summer. The volunteer will have her/his own room but share the kitchen and bathroom. There is wi- fi, hot water, kitchen tools, etc. The flat is 10 mins away from the center by walking. If you are interested in the project, send your CV and motivation letter to Irem Ebru Kuru before 10 April 2016.

EVS vacancy in Ukraine – 3 months

Active Citizenship Location: Chernivtsi, Ukraine Application deadline: 26 February 2015 Start 01/03/2015 End: 31/05/2015 Tasks of the volunteers: The main tasks of the participants are following: – organizing and lead English speaking club which has been already running thanks to the previous EVS volunteers, – organizing lessons of Polish language, – heping the host organization in projects connected … Continue reading EVS vacancy in Ukraine – 3 months

EVS vacancy in Spain – 4 months

Name of hosting organization: Federation Batean Location: Pamplona, Spain Application deadline: 18/01/2015 Start date: 01/05/2015 End date: 31/08/2015 Tasks of the volunteer: The European Volunteer would be able to take part BATEAN’s project at different levels: supporting the monitors in the activities they develop, and also on its preparation, organization and evaluation; supporting the develop of the project of the federation … Continue reading EVS vacancy in Spain – 4 months

Approved project! 50 EVS vacancies in Hungary – 1 month! Applicants from selected countries!

Project name: Avatars of Nógrád short term EVS Location: Hollókő, Hungary Application deadline: 31/03/2015 Start date: 25/06/2015 End date: 15/07/2015 Tasks of the volunteer: Avatars of Nógrád is the 5th edition of our short term EVS project which gathers 50 volunteers from 3 different continents in order to create a life-time experience for less opportunity children and youngsters in … Continue reading Approved project! 50 EVS vacancies in Hungary – 1 month! Applicants from selected countries!