Approved project – EVS vacancy in Finland only for German volunteer

Contact person: Markus Klopsch Organisation: Eurocircle Deutschland eV Location: Livonsaari, Finland Deadline: 24/01/2016 Start: 01/04/2016 End: 31/10/2016 THIS IS FOR PEOPLE LIVING IN GERMANY ONLY !!! Wir sind die deutsche Entsendeorganisation für ein sehr spannendes EFD-Projekt auf einer finnischen Insel vor Turku! Es geht um einen Platz für 7 Monate in einer Ökö-Community. Das Projekt [...]


Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Liechtenstein

Coordinating organisation: Haus Gutenberg Host: Haus Gutenberg: Location: Balzers, Liechtenstein Deadline: 24/01/2016 Start: 01/05/2016 End: 31/12/2016 Haus Gutenberg is an education and seminar house in Balzers, Liechtenstein, which aims at integral human education. Our education program offers projects on the topics „development of personality“, „spirituality“ and „healthy living“. Above all we want to break [...]

EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for English AND Russian speaker

SCHOOL BOARD PGTO Docho Mihailov Host: School Board PGTO Docho Mihailov Location: Tervel, Bulgaria Deadline: 24/01/2016 Start: 01/09/2016 End: 30/08/2017 Urgent! For volunteer Russian and English speaking "First stepse" is project focused on many aspects of non-formal learning of English and Russian in kindergarten "Clover". The purpose of the volunteer is to create new opportunities [...]

EVS vacancy in Romania, 12 months

  Project name: Life opportunities Venue: Bucharest, Romania EVS period: 01 July 2014 – 30 june 2015 (12 months)        Deadline for application: 20th September 2013   We are looking for 5 volunteers to participate in our EVS project “Life opportunities”. The sending organization must be accredited for sending EVS volunteers. Short description of the project: [...]

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain, 9 months

Contact person: Aga Byrczek Coordinating organisation: Asociación CazallaIntercultural Location: Lorca, Spain Deadline: 15/09/2013 Start: 04/2014 End: 01/2015 We understand the EVS as a mutual learning process and mutual benefit, therefore the activities are design always this way to be beneficial for both sides. We always propose the following division of activities: 40% of the time [...]

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Italy, 12 months

Coordinating organisation: Misericordia di Firenze Location: Florence, Italy Deadline: 15/09/2013 Start: 03/2014 End: 02/2015 The Mosaici Project 2014 will take place for the 2nd time in Florence in the Head Office of Misericordia di Firenze and in its branches, ambulatories, rest homes and disability centers. All the structures are situated in different areas of the [...]

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Czech Republic, 6 months

Contact person: Marketa Chmelickova Coordinating organisation: Středisko volného času, Ivančice, okres Brno-venkov Location: Ivančice, Czech Republic Deadline: 15/09/2013 Start: 03/2014 End: 08/2014 Centre for leisure time activities Ivančice in Czech republic looks for two EVS volunteers for the next deadline. The first activity is work in youth club and the term is from 1.3.2014 minimum [...]