Approved project – EVS vacancy in Finland only for German volunteer

Location: Livonsaari, Finland

Deadline: 24/01/2016

Start: 01/04/2016

End: 31/10/2016


Wir sind die deutsche Entsendeorganisation für ein sehr spannendes EFD-Projekt auf einer finnischen Insel vor Turku!

Es geht um einen Platz für 7 Monate in einer Ökö-Community. Das Projekt heisst “Island of Opportunity” und Start ist am 01.04.2016. Neben der/dem Freiwilligen aus Deutschland sind noch Freiwillige aus Bulgarien, Lettland und Portugal dabei. Continue reading “Approved project – EVS vacancy in Finland only for German volunteer”

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Liechtenstein

Stamp of EVS

Coordinating organisation: Haus Gutenberg

Host: Haus Gutenberg:

Location: Balzers, Liechtenstein

Deadline: 24/01/2016

Start: 01/05/2016

End: 31/12/2016

Haus Gutenberg is an education and seminar house in Balzers, Liechtenstein, which aims at integral human education. Our education program offers projects on the topics „development of personality“, „spirituality“ and „healthy living“. Above all we want to break down barriers between different attitudes and experiences in religious, psychological and economical backgrounds.

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EVS vacancy in Bulgaria for English AND Russian speaker


Host: School Board PGTO Docho Mihailov

Location: Tervel, Bulgaria

Deadline: 24/01/2016

Start: 01/09/2016

End: 30/08/2017

Urgent! For volunteer Russian and English speaking
“First stepse” is project focused on many aspects of non-formal learning of English and Russian in kindergarten “Clover”. The purpose of the volunteer is to create new opportunities for personal developmentin of English and Russian language for small children from 4 to 6 years old. Using theater, dance and other artistic tools, depending on the preferences of the volunteer in a natural way will practice English and Russian. The project will be held in kindergarten “Clover”- Tervel. The volunteer will have plenty of space to create projects of their own, bringing new ideas.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain, 9 months

  • Contact person: Aga Byrczek
  • Coordinating organisation: Asociación CazallaIntercultural
  • Location: Lorca, Spain
  • Deadline: 15/09/2013
  • Start: 04/2014
  • End: 01/2015

We understand the EVS as a mutual learning process and mutual benefit, therefore the activities are design always this way to be beneficial for both sides. We always propose the following division of activities:

40% of the time – tasks connected with the activity youare invovled in (full description below)
30% of the time – support in the activities of Cazalla(can be work in the office, monitoring of the internet café form migrants,support in some events we are organizing)
30% of the time – volunteers personal project, and thiscan be any activity that fits into the objectives of Cazalla, developed andimplemented by volunteer. The previous volunteers have created the languagecafé, the coordination meetings with migrant orgnizations, workshops for youngpeople etc. Everything depends on volunteer and will will offer our support.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Italy, 12 months

  • Coordinating organisation: Misericordia di Firenze
  • Location: Florence, Italy
  • Deadline: 15/09/2013
  • Start: 03/2014
  • End: 02/2015

The Mosaici Project 2014 will take place for the 2nd time in Florence in the Head Office of Misericordia di Firenze and in its branches, ambulatories, rest homes and disability centers. All the structures are situated in different areas of the city except for Villa Alessandro, a ‘Disabled Center’ ina suburban area between Florence and Prato.
It will run from March 2014 to February 2015, there will be six Volunteers from European countries.
Volunteers will be closely followed by our staff although they will be free to contribute with their personality, ideas and personal competence.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Greece, 12 months

  • Contact person: Psoras Dimitrios
  • Coordinating organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports NGO
  • Location: Vrontados, Greece
  • Deadline: 20/09/2013
  • Start: 01/2014
  • End: 01/2015

The “Cooperative Learning” project 2011-GR-33 cultivates and advances new technologies and work on their joining with the Education, Culture and Sports. It also helps young people with fewer opportunities, to understand Internet’s capabilities on educational, cultural, sport and youth issues. The volunteer helps on a non profit procedure, young people, to understand how to use computers and educational programs effectively and in a positive way. It has to do with social, cultural and educational matters.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Czech Republic – 12 months

  • Contact person: Ivana Sajbanova
  • Coordinating organisation: Obcanske sdruzeni AVE
  • Location: Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic
  • Deadline: 20/05/2014
  • Start: 01/07/2014
  • End: 30/06/2015
  • OS AVE has a few areas of realization. The most important for EDS would be STREP the free-time low-threshold activity center for children and youth threatened by social exclusion, which has opened in 2000.
    We provide meaningful activities for children and youth (6 to 26 years of age, average daily attendance is about 20 clients – it depends on a season, weather and other factors; daily attendance is usually higher during the summer holidays, then we have about 35 clients per day). We focus on art, sports, craft work and educational programs. Many of our clients are from ethnic minorities. Due to the threat of social and economic exclusion of these children and youth, we also provide psychological and social counseling for our clients and their families.

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Hässlehus youth club (2011-SE-16) is going to apply for a long-term EVS (12 months, starting Feb 2014) for 1st october deadline, and we are currently looking for 2 volunteers. The potential volunteers should send us their CV and motivation letters to  till 1st September. (Applications, that will be sent after the 1st Sept, will not be included in the selection of volunteers). Continue reading “OPEN CALL FOR EVS IN SWEDEN 12 months”