EVS Vacancy in Georgia – 10 months

Bridge of Friendship “Kartlosi”EVS VACANCY find EVS

Location: Gori, Georgia

Period: 01/09/2016 – 01/07/2017

Deadline: 01 April 2016

The mission of the Public Union “Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi” is to support sustainable development of local communities in Shida Kartli Region and contribute to the peace process on the settlement of Tskhinval/i conflict and carry out a dialog between communities divided in the result of conflict. To support local population and youth in civil life and give possibility of realization their selves in different field of activities and topics via our activities we try to support local civil population, encourage development of their professional potential, and raise participation of youth in local life.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Spain

Spain EVS vacancy Find EVS 1Contact person: Cristina Sobrino

Organisation: Concejalía de Juventud de Majadahonda

Location: Majadahonda (Madrid), Spain

Deadline: 02/03/2016

Start: 07/09/2016

End: 07/07/2017

Youth Centre “Príncipe de Asturias”, as part of Youth Service of the Majadahonda City Council, aims towards activities for youth in special regards to:

– Promotion of different ways of creation and cultural expression
– Acquisition of specific knowledge and abilities
– Creation of meeting place for communications and interrelations
– Offering educational possibilities for leisure time
– Responding to the demands of municipal services
– Inspiring youth to come to Youth Center in order to get to know and use resources at their disposal
– Creating meeting places for personal relations and participation out of courses

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EVS Vacancy for German volunteer in Poland

Poland call EVS project active vacancy Find EvsThis is a call only for German volunteers, in an EVS in Poland, working the community on leisure and educational activities.

EVS:Time for Youth – Journalism and cinematogrpahy

Location: Gdańsk/Poland

Period: 01/04/2016 – 01/04/2017

Application deadline: 05 March 2016

Established in 2002, Morena Association is a non-profit non-governmental organization in Gdansk that focuses mainly on young people and youth leaders from Pomeranian region. We have different aims for our activities:
We increasing the activism in social and civic life of children, youth and youth leaders (e.g. by organizing meetings with youth in their schools).

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Two EVS Vacancies in France – 12 months

EVS project France European Voluntary Service Find EVSPromote Europe !

Location: Le Blanc, France

Period: 05/09/2016 – 03/09/2017

Deadline: 20th March 2016

Youth service called “Relais Brenne Initiatives Jeunes” in a Natural Regional Parc.
We support teenager’s and youngster’s projects (11-25 years old). 5 youth workers will take part in this youth service.
We work with a high school and 3 secondary schools, and wants to give the opportunity to the young people to increase their European citizenship and exchange with young people from other countries. So 3 youth exchanges have been organised in 2012, 2013 and 2015, and the RBIJ is accredited as an EVS receiving, sending and coordinating organisation from 2013. The RBIJ will welcome volunteers for the first time on September 2016. We try to make everything ready for your arrival !

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EVS Vacancy in Turkey – 6 months – approved project

This is a call for volunteers for an already approved project in Turkey, called “Fade-Up the Voice of Youth”. The project involves youth information and leisureTurkey call for EVS project vacancy activities, implementing projects. 

Location: Çankırı, Turkey

Period: 20/03/2016 – 21/10/2016

Deadline: 29th February 2016

EU Department and Project Coordination Center gives technical support to organizations and institutions who prepare projects, makes administrative assistance, helps them participate as partners in current projects and ensures the fulfillment of the project leadership and adviser when necessary.

NGOs and youngsters from high schools and universities whose age ranges are suitable for youth projects are given periodic trainings in a year to benefit effectively from national and international funding sources and are provided support for participation in active life.

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EVS Vacancy in Spain – 10 months

Growing up TogetherSPAIN

Location: Guadalajara (Spain)

Period: 20/02/2016 – 30/09/2016

Deadline: 14 February 2016

Vasija Association was founded by a group of people from Guadalajara (Spain) with vocation to children and young people with difficulties in their familiar environment. The scope of our project has no limits, always deeply involved with our community needs.
We have gained experience after working almost 20 years in the children and youth field. First of all working with minors, aged between 0 to 18, with family problems, taking them into our foster homes. In these homes we cover not only the children´s basic needs but also we satisfy other kind of needs; love and values, sometimes diminished because of the lack of the parental figure. As well as preparing activities and companioning them day to day by helping with their problems and giving them all the needed support.

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EVS Vacancy in Romania -Healthy Lifestyle

Project: Healthy life – your ‘new high’EVS in Romania

Location: Timisoara, Romania

Period: 01/03/2016 – 31/12/2016

Duration 10 months

Deadline: 10/02/2016

ZURY Association in partnership with other 4 sending organizations from Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Estonia is developing the project <Healthy life – your ‘new high’> (a mobility youth project – KA1 – European Voluntary Service) within the new Erasmus+ programme within which is looking for EVS volunteers to be hosted in a voluntary stage in Timisoara, Romania that is going to start on 1st of February 2016 and will last for 10 months. Those interested to discover more about the project activities, application procedure and other details, are invited to consult the description below.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Greece

Contact person: Psoras DimitriosStamp of EVS
Organisation: Experimental Technology Education Sports
Location: Vrontados Chios, Greece
Deadline: 29/02/2016
Start: 01/09/2016
End: 31/08/2017

The «Cooperative discovery of Technology Education Sports” project focus on New Technologies, Education and Sports and is taking part in Chios Island.
The European volunteers, under the guidance and help of TES’s people, will work together and they will get in touch with the European Dimension & New Technologies and they will search for new possibilities in the field of Education, Employment, Entertainment, etc.

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Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in Germany

Contact person: MyrtoHelena PertsinidiGermany2
Coordinating organisation: Jugend Kulturprojekt eV JKPeV
Host: Jugend Kulturprojekt eV JKPeV
Location: Dresden, Germany
Deadline: 15/02/2016
Start: 01/04/2016
End: 31/03/2017

In 2011, „Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V.“ became an accredited receiving, coordinating and sending organisation for EVS (European Voluntary Service) and in June 2012, our association accepted for the first time two volunteers for one year.
The volunteer is going to support our association’s cultural activities and our office as an employee with equal rights. He or she is given the opportunity to initiate activities according to his/her own cultural background, to co-organize events and to put his/her own ideas and projects into practice.

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